Nov 10




“ In the previous sessions, we have defined the philosophy of Atma and Atman, explained the types of Bandana and chakras, and different concepts of Atma bandana, such as Atma dvitiya, Atma tritya etc.

The concepts of the colours of the Atma and diffusion of natural pure light as pertaining to the concept of the sin has also been explained.

Through understanding of the concept of Varahamihira and his shlokas on conception, we may understand that the influence of society, parents etc is very little, and that the nature of the atma has been defined by the previous karma.

In each horoscope there is a planet known asa Atma (divine soul trapped into the 8 types of bondage) and Karaka-(movable significator) which has to do with the functioning of the 8 chakra including the role of Somanath (please go through the previous lectures). Such graha is termed ATMAKARAKA

Atmakaraka is the most important planet in a chart. It is the King of the chart, and happy King shows happy kingdom and vice versa. Lagna is intelligence, while Chandra shows the mind. They are of secondary importance in comparison to Atmakaraka.

Atma decides on the mind it will take, defines the body, structure and its functions, and thus it becomes the most important planet among all planets and Lagnas.

Atmakaraka therefore, shows the karma which caused our birth. This graha brought us into this plane, and forced Atma to take a certain mind and body.

It brought us to this planet to teach us certain lessons. This graha shows the “ lightning and storms” of Indra Devata( please go through the session of 33 devas from the 1st year)


The following points are crucial when analyzing Atmarakaraka graha:1.       Significations and other features of Graha which is Atmakaraka2.       Bhavas ruled by Atmakaraka

3.       Bhava where Atmakaraka is placed

4.       Bhava/s/ whose Atmakaraka is Naisarghik Karaka

5.       The position and status of Atmakaraka in a rashi or sign

6.       The link of Atmakaraka with Grahas conjoined or those which aspect/ or are aspected by it

7.       The position of planets and houses from Atmakaraka Lagna in Rashi chart. This lagna is known as Karaka Lagna

8.    Bhava Arudhas associated with Atmakaraka or those ruled by it etc

Let us go step by step:



Observe the guna and tatva of Atmakaraka. This guna and Tatva will show the path and type of soul cleansing and its experience.

Each graha and charakaraka tends to merge into Ketu, moksha karaka graha. As long as there is any type of bandana associated with Atmakaraka, a person cannot attain moksha. Thus, to reach moksha, Ketu has to turn atmakaraka graha into a smoke.

Atmakaraka indicates that the light of our soul (as moon) has overshadowed the light of Atman. This happens due to Ahamkara. In such significations and positions we cannot or refuse to accept the light of God, while at the same time perceive our own light. It is similar to a night time, where we can observe the moon's light only, not realizing or observing that such light is only the reflection of the true light of Sun.

It is for that reason that the soul is cleansed from its sins, and God teaches us to break the shell of bandana, so that Atma can becoma the pure Atman.

Note the following:

1.       We tend to identify with significations of Atmakaraka as our own nature

2.       Atmakaraka turning into a smoke by Ketu is a very painful process, and it will take place through that particular guna, bhava etc.

3.       All relevant information about grahas from the 1st year are crucial in case of graha being atmakaraka.


1.       We have seen in the 1st year sessions that the colours of natural benefics on the soul level are light. The very fact that the light colour does not imbibe or better to say rejects a considerable quantity of light, indicates that natural benefik as Atmakarak does not easily follow the path of self-purification nor gives the chance for easy and fast Self-realization.

2.       Please keep in mind that Grahas conjoined Atmakaraka tend to absorb the nature of Atmakaraka, and pleas apply the rules you have been taught for conjunctions of the planets.

3.       When benefic graha is Atmakaraka and undergoes a Graha shapa or curse, it shows that the papa or sins has been glued to a soul for a few lifetimes.

4.       If atmakaraka is a malefic planet, it can teach you bad things, but you will receive instant and quick punishment, and suffering. This gives chance to quickly cleanse and learn the lesson. So, the soul cleansing becomes very painful, the soul remains in the dark, and desires for light and savour (similar as dark colour quickly absorbs the light) When malefic is Atmakaraka and there comes intense soul purification and pain the effect is often twofold:

a-) a person devolops hatred and bitterness towards the world (Sun) and becomes self destruction and antisocial

b-) a person accepts suffering as a hand of God and becomes very spiritual

There are certiain rules which show whether will person go either way....



I have given some concepts about Atmakaraka graha on this site without going into specific indications of each planet as Atmakarak.

Pt. Sanjay Rath, my Jyotish Guru wrote a lot about this in his books, as well as various articles and conferences available on the net.

However He writes the following in one of his articles/lessons:

“ The reason for lack of spiritual initiation is to be known from planets in Karakamsha”

This implies the following:

  1. See the planet which is Atmakaraka
  2. See the conjunctions of Atmakaraka in navamsa chart and consider these planets too.

If Sun or Mars is Atmakarak or Atmakarak is conjoined with Sun or Mars in Navamsa Chart a person will lack spirituality and may miss the opportunity to get good knowledge due to THEIR OWN EGO!

If Moon or Venus becomes Atmakarak or Atmakarak is conjoined with Venus or Moon in Navamsa chart, this shows luxurious nature and sexual weakness/indulgences/ as a lack of spirituality, knowledge and guidance

If the same happens with Budha, greed is a big obstacle. Shani in the same place, or Atmakarak conjoined Shani in navamsa chart, shows mere laziness and overconfidence.

Nodes in the same places are master of confusion, fraud (Rahu Atmakaraka),  and mistakes and bellicose activities (Ak yuti Ketu as Ketu cannot be Ak Graha), while Guru is Atmakarak is among the worst positions since there will always be a lack of bonding between the student and teacher, and a person will be insincere in relationship with Guru and knowledge, and consider himself his own master. Interesting point is that these people often "nod"but actually never listen as they wish to hear sound of their own opinion in your voice.

Malefics as atmakaraka are better for speedier evolution, since the punishment is quick, while unless Ista Devata is favourable in the chart, malefic as atmakarak can lead a person astry. However, If Ishta Devata does not favour, and Guru and Lagna are afflicted, such AK punishment will leave bitter experience in the soul, and a person wills start hating the world, and do bad karma as per the significations of Atmakaraka planet... to be continued...


Nov 10

How to see what a person likes in a horoscope?

There is a technical term in a horoscope known as “Chandramsha”. Chandra rules the mind which is the demand factor. Navamsa horoscope shows our likes/dislikes and talents. Therefore, chandramsha is the position of Chandra or the Moon in Navamsa horoscope. This position is spoken in detail in Jyotisha classical text Saravali by author Kalayan Varna. He wrote a lot about chandra position in Navamsa horoscope.

The sign where Chandra is placed in Navamsa shows our premium value, our preferences, our blood streem and our obsessions. If Chandra is in Mesha, being a royal sign, a person likes items/symbols of royality. If in mituna, or simha a person adores books, writting materials etc. If in dhanu it is a gold since dhanu belongs to Guru. Meena rashi also belongs to Guru, however Meena is devoid of Agni so white gold is the right item.

Therefore, study the signs where Chandra is placed so that you can see the preferences of the mind. If you buy such an item for a birthday to a person, it will make them happy.

Planets can alter the preferences. See the planets which are conjoined or in 7th from Chandra. If chandra is placed in trines or 7th house, the preferneces are much more pronounced.

If you do a mantra for Chandramsha or Planet which dominates it, your obsessions/demand will come to you.

Chandra amsha is one of the most important signs in the zodiac. This signs holds the natural preference of Mahavidya you can worship. You will simply like to know and practise this vidya particularly if lord of such navamsa sign is placed in trines in Vimsamsa Chart.  The ten devis or Mahavidyas are:

  1. Surya- Matangi
  2. Chandra-Bhuvaneshvari
  3. Mangala- Bagalamukhi
  4. Budha- Tripura Sundari
  5. Guru- Tara
  6. Shukra-Kamala
  7. Shani- Mahakali
  8. Rahu- Chinamasta
  9. Ketu-Dhumavati

Therefore, please see the chandra’s sign in navamsa. You naturally possess that shakti of the sign. For example, we may consider Chandra in debilitation bad for fortunes, yet these people have a power to fight like Bagalamukhi, particularly if mars is in trines to Navamsa Lagna. If Ketu is in trines, meditation power of Dhumavati will be there. The only position where I personally do not like for happy life is Chandra in vrischika in Navamsa is in 3rd house, where alongside with Ketu in trines, she will surely have an experience of Dhumavati-widow. Therefore, apart from observing chandra sign in navamsa, it is crucial to examine its dispositor.

to be continued

Nov 10

Arka or trines to a house

It is well known fact that the trine houses (9th and 5th) are the most important houses for luck and dharma. Parashara terms these houses as Lakshmi sthanas or places of Shri or Goddes Laksmi. Actually, the Shri is much broader term including luck, happiness, love, marriage, wealth etc. Therefore, we often call them “resource” houses. However, this article will not deal into detailed examination of these houses, but point out their role in reference to any other house. Each 9th house is “dharma” house counted from any house. Such house will indicate the rules, regulations, principle which will bring the house concerned to a succesful completion. For example, 7th house is not the sex act, but the partner with whom we have sexual copulation in order to produce children. The sexual copulation house is 3rd house, equivalent to the 3rd sign known as Maithuna/pair, union/. Therefore, 9th house counted from 7th house is the 3rd house of sexual copulation which is the dharma of partnership or marriage. Therefore, the sexual copulation which will lead to children is the dharma, rules, regulations and principle which governs the 7th house.

Therefore, if we want to see WHAT IS NECESSARY TO DO to achive the goal of any house, we have to see the 9th house counted thereof. For example 10th house is the house of success, karma or work. If we want to achive success we have to work hard (6th house). Therefore, carefully look the following:

1. Planets placed in 9th house from the house. If there are no planets see the sign

2. Such planets should be benefic. These planets will show how the success of the house will be achieved. If there are malefic in such places they can show struggles or problems in achiving the goals of the house under consideration. For succesful completion, they should be exalted or well placed (if malefics) or friends to a bhava karaka of a house we examine. For example, if Surya is placed in 6th house, it is friendly to the 10th house, and surya will help achieve the goals of the 10th house, for which the Budha is karaka.

On the other hand, 5th house counted from any house will show the results of the house in future. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the planets placed in the 5th house from any house to see the house’s future. Apply the same rules as given for the 9th house. Malefic planets placed in the 5th house counted from any house will threaten the future and prospects of the house. In such cases, it is necessary to perform remedial measures for these planets. More about individual planetary placements and remedial measures for malefic planets such as Rahu (the worst placement), Atmakaraka planet (significator of a soul) etc, will be explained in a detailed lecture accompanied by Mp3.

Nov 10

Abijit Rashi

Abijit rashi is one of the most important signs in the horoscope. We term abijit as the sign which is placed in the 4th house counted from Surya. Why 4th house? If we look backwards, the Surya will be found in the 10th house of digbala from this sign. Naturally, such sign’s intelligence will move towards the Sun, and perform the karma like by it. It is a known fact that such sign will become extremelly important in the horoscope. However, it is very important to examine the house, house lord and its placement relative to such sign.

If you look at Shri Ram chart, (I beleive all beginners of Jyotisha should know Shri Ram and Shri Krishna’s chart-if necessary I will upload them). Abijit Rashi is found in Lagna with Guru exalted as a 9th lord with Chandra Lagna lord. Shri Krishna horosope also holds Shani, 9th lord in abijit sign. What was there role? The Paramatama(Surya), wanted them to come to establish dharma. Both charts have 9th lord of dharma in abijit sign. Thus, everybody having 9th lord in abijit sign is required to perform and exibit dharma in their life. Of course, it will not make us equal with Shri Krishna and Shri Ram, since in their charts, apart from other very specific combinations, such lords are in Digbala!!! Therefore, planets and signs in Abijit Rashi have a special importance in a horoscope. Abijit Rashi is always related to one among the four Vedas, and there can be two types of karma (good or bad) as indicated by this sign.

In a future MP/3-s and discussion, I am going to explain the link of Abijit Rashis among the great souls, and those who share the similar karma. I will also touch important events and areas which are strongly influenced by this sign, as well as link of a Vedas with this sign and mantras as how to activate or balance this sign.

To be continued…