Nov 10

Abijit Rashi

Abijit rashi is one of the most important signs in the horoscope. We term abijit as the sign which is placed in the 4th house counted from Surya. Why 4th house? If we look backwards, the Surya will be found in the 10th house of digbala from this sign. Naturally, such sign’s intelligence will move towards the Sun, and perform the karma like by it. It is a known fact that such sign will become extremelly important in the horoscope. However, it is very important to examine the house, house lord and its placement relative to such sign.

If you look at Shri Ram chart, (I beleive all beginners of Jyotisha should know Shri Ram and Shri Krishna’s chart-if necessary I will upload them). Abijit Rashi is found in Lagna with Guru exalted as a 9th lord with Chandra Lagna lord. Shri Krishna horosope also holds Shani, 9th lord in abijit sign. What was there role? The Paramatama(Surya), wanted them to come to establish dharma. Both charts have 9th lord of dharma in abijit sign. Thus, everybody having 9th lord in abijit sign is required to perform and exibit dharma in their life. Of course, it will not make us equal with Shri Krishna and Shri Ram, since in their charts, apart from other very specific combinations, such lords are in Digbala!!! Therefore, planets and signs in Abijit Rashi have a special importance in a horoscope. Abijit Rashi is always related to one among the four Vedas, and there can be two types of karma (good or bad) as indicated by this sign.

In a future MP/3-s and discussion, I am going to explain the link of Abijit Rashis among the great souls, and those who share the similar karma. I will also touch important events and areas which are strongly influenced by this sign, as well as link of a Vedas with this sign and mantras as how to activate or balance this sign.

To be continued…

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