Nov 10

Arka or trines to a house

It is well known fact that the trine houses (9th and 5th) are the most important houses for luck and dharma. Parashara terms these houses as Lakshmi sthanas or places of Shri or Goddes Laksmi. Actually, the Shri is much broader term including luck, happiness, love, marriage, wealth etc. Therefore, we often call them “resource” houses. However, this article will not deal into detailed examination of these houses, but point out their role in reference to any other house. Each 9th house is “dharma” house counted from any house. Such house will indicate the rules, regulations, principle which will bring the house concerned to a succesful completion. For example, 7th house is not the sex act, but the partner with whom we have sexual copulation in order to produce children. The sexual copulation house is 3rd house, equivalent to the 3rd sign known as Maithuna/pair, union/. Therefore, 9th house counted from 7th house is the 3rd house of sexual copulation which is the dharma of partnership or marriage. Therefore, the sexual copulation which will lead to children is the dharma, rules, regulations and principle which governs the 7th house.

Therefore, if we want to see WHAT IS NECESSARY TO DO to achive the goal of any house, we have to see the 9th house counted thereof. For example 10th house is the house of success, karma or work. If we want to achive success we have to work hard (6th house). Therefore, carefully look the following:

1. Planets placed in 9th house from the house. If there are no planets see the sign

2. Such planets should be benefic. These planets will show how the success of the house will be achieved. If there are malefic in such places they can show struggles or problems in achiving the goals of the house under consideration. For succesful completion, they should be exalted or well placed (if malefics) or friends to a bhava karaka of a house we examine. For example, if Surya is placed in 6th house, it is friendly to the 10th house, and surya will help achieve the goals of the 10th house, for which the Budha is karaka.

On the other hand, 5th house counted from any house will show the results of the house in future. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the planets placed in the 5th house from any house to see the house’s future. Apply the same rules as given for the 9th house. Malefic planets placed in the 5th house counted from any house will threaten the future and prospects of the house. In such cases, it is necessary to perform remedial measures for these planets. More about individual planetary placements and remedial measures for malefic planets such as Rahu (the worst placement), Atmakaraka planet (significator of a soul) etc, will be explained in a detailed lecture accompanied by Mp3.

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