Nov 10

How to see what a person likes in a horoscope?

There is a technical term in a horoscope known as “Chandramsha”. Chandra rules the mind which is the demand factor. Navamsa horoscope shows our likes/dislikes and talents. Therefore, chandramsha is the position of Chandra or the Moon in Navamsa horoscope. This position is spoken in detail in Jyotisha classical text Saravali by author Kalayan Varna. He wrote a lot about chandra position in Navamsa horoscope.

The sign where Chandra is placed in Navamsa shows our premium value, our preferences, our blood streem and our obsessions. If Chandra is in Mesha, being a royal sign, a person likes items/symbols of royality. If in mituna, or simha a person adores books, writting materials etc. If in dhanu it is a gold since dhanu belongs to Guru. Meena rashi also belongs to Guru, however Meena is devoid of Agni so white gold is the right item.

Therefore, study the signs where Chandra is placed so that you can see the preferences of the mind. If you buy such an item for a birthday to a person, it will make them happy.

Planets can alter the preferences. See the planets which are conjoined or in 7th from Chandra. If chandra is placed in trines or 7th house, the preferneces are much more pronounced.

If you do a mantra for Chandramsha or Planet which dominates it, your obsessions/demand will come to you.

Chandra amsha is one of the most important signs in the zodiac. This signs holds the natural preference of Mahavidya you can worship. You will simply like to know and practise this vidya particularly if lord of such navamsa sign is placed in trines in Vimsamsa Chart.  The ten devis or Mahavidyas are:

  1. Surya- Matangi
  2. Chandra-Bhuvaneshvari
  3. Mangala- Bagalamukhi
  4. Budha- Tripura Sundari
  5. Guru- Tara
  6. Shukra-Kamala
  7. Shani- Mahakali
  8. Rahu- Chinamasta
  9. Ketu-Dhumavati

Therefore, please see the chandra’s sign in navamsa. You naturally possess that shakti of the sign. For example, we may consider Chandra in debilitation bad for fortunes, yet these people have a power to fight like Bagalamukhi, particularly if mars is in trines to Navamsa Lagna. If Ketu is in trines, meditation power of Dhumavati will be there. The only position where I personally do not like for happy life is Chandra in vrischika in Navamsa is in 3rd house, where alongside with Ketu in trines, she will surely have an experience of Dhumavati-widow. Therefore, apart from observing chandra sign in navamsa, it is crucial to examine its dispositor.

to be continued

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