Jan 12

Rasa or Taste

There is an ongoing discussion on certain foods and rasas/essence/, tastes which are favoured or good by the owner of the vedic chart. I tend to avoid public discussion due two reasons: One is fundamental and non tolerant attitude prevailing in many astrologers, while another is simple choice of not revealing the teachings to the public but certain students one wants to choose. However, there are again some points which can be taught to anyone willing to learn astrology. I am bringing these points here.

Taste is seen from Lagna, 5th and 9th house. Lagna gives natural taste for food, while 5th house gives preffered taste for food. Nineth house gives the food we are trained or accostumed to eat. Most astrologers make mistake by judging the preffered food from Lagna only. For example, if your father (9th house is Muslim), you will be trained or accostumed to avoid Pork meat. Therefore, one has to see the influences in trines to see the prefference of food. Second house shows the food we actually eat. We may like to eat certain food, however due to various reason (health, finance, job obligations etc), we may actually consume completelly another type of food. For example if Atmakaraka rules the 2nd house and is afflicted, one will certainly have to change the food style because of health problems, or even poverty, depending on the placement of Atmakarak planet in the chart. If it is Mangal and is in Maranakaraka stana, eating hot food will cause serious disorders in heart, head or colon. Normally Rahu eats fish and fish products, Ketu eats read meat and pork in particular, Mangal likes birds, such as chicken, Budha likes greens, Shani eats all kinds of meat and stale food, Surja likes honey, bread, and wheat, Chandra likes baby food, and milk, while Shukra likes sour food such as yoghurt etc. These are the basics. There is a whole list of other food ruled by the planets. 

Many people tend to confuse Rasas and Tastes, which is wrong and is a long subject for discussion. Also, it is a well known fact among the students of my Guru to look for Somanath Drekana for health. You will find in many articles and books methods to calculate Somanath drekana. Now, there is a very important point as how to use this chart for choosing the best food for ojas and health. Many astrologers and followers of our tradition take simply the lord of Somannath drekana and choose the taste, which is WRONG! Do not go by it, otherwise you will fall sick. For example, my somanath drekana is ruled by Venus, so according to this I should eat sour food. Due to the sour food, I developed chronic gastritis, which was cured only after I removed the sour completelly from my diet. The basic point is to focus on Pancha Amrita. These are:milk, curd, honey, sugar, clarified butter or ghee. Only choose these food for a start if any of the following graha rules Somanath drekana or is favourably placed in Lagna or its trines. For example, for Guru choose Ghee (though in some exceptions butter is also allowed and good). For Shukra choose Curd or plain Yogurt, though for Vrishaba  Somanath drekana Lagna, lassi or butter milk is preferred and better, while for Thula it is Yoghurt.  For Karka lagna in this drekkana choose water and milk, while for Simha choose Honey. Quality type sugar like raw cane sugar or date sugar is ruled by Guru. All other processed sugars are ruled by Venus (it is exalted in Pisces), and Venus does not rule sugar but LIKES sugar. That is a big difference. In case of other malefic Lagnas, see the best influence on Lagna in Somanath drekana by Surya, Guru, Shukra and Chandra, and choose accordingly.

To be continued...


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