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Today, you will find many articles about the argala of a planet/sign. However, desipite the best efforts, many of learners cannot use the principles nor can they apply them in the chart. I will not speak about argala in a techical matter, for all about it can be found in books of my Jyotish Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath, as well as classical texts such as Parashara and Jaimini. In the context of understanding argalas, you should analyze each argala in detail (primary argalas are 2.4.11 positions). You should also keep in mind that Virodha Argala completelly may change or block the argala.

Dhana Argala Result on Lagna

I will take one graha position and give you the effect of Dhana Argala. You can check it practical horoscopes and see the results. You will be suprised by the effect found. We will take Rahu position in the 2nd house which has dhana Argala on Lagna. Keep in mind that Rahu can be found in 12 different signs, where resources and effects will be slightly modified, and Rahu can also be found in different positions from different Lagnas, can rule different bhavas and be influneced by different graha. Nevertheless, the effect of dhana Argala of Rahu in 2nd house are as follow:

1. Loss of money which will come through significations of the house ruled by Rahu

2. bad health, loss of longevity in time (deadly disease)

3. shocks and troubles in family which will negativelly affect the life and health of a person

4. Influx of wealth if Guru is placed in Lagna, 3rd, 6th and 10th house. If rahu is placed in Kanja wealth is there, while in Karka, a person will get wealth from foreign sources. In other signs judge accordingly. In any case, there will always be plans and confusion about the money which may cause a lack of mental peace

5. A person is extremelly egoistic, angry and selfish (yet a person hides these within themselves)

6. A speech is diplomatic, a person lies and has no boundaries in speech. May speak a shocking things or revealing personal things which are shocking to others

7. A person is not Sundari (internally and externally beautiful), and nas no style, manners. Eyes are usually small or not appealing (Mark of Rahu).

8. No matter how intelligent a person is, there will be stupid decisions, lack of wisdom during the lifetime, particularly those related to family or money.

9. A person easily losses mental and physical energy, disperce in plans and lacks initiative

10. Life can stop or get entangled in family matters, money or other area depending on the position of other planets and points in 2nd bhava.

In this way, you should understand all planets having dhana argala on lagna from 2nd house. This should be wiselly applied on dhana argals on various houses.

To be continued...


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