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Some points about Atmakaraka

I have given some concepts about Atmakaraka graha on this site without going into specific indications of each planet as Atmakarak.

Pt. Sanjay Rath, my Jyotish Guru wrote a lot about this in his books, as well as various articles and conferences available on the net.

However He writes the following in one of his articles/lessons:

“ The reason for lack of spiritual initiation is to be known from planets in Karakamsha”

This implies the following:

  1. See the planet which is Atmakaraka
  2. See the conjunctions of Atmakaraka in navamsa chart and consider these planets too.

If Sun or Mars is Atmakarak or Atmakarak is conjoined with Sun or Mars in Navamsa Chart a person will lack spirituality and may miss the opportunity to get good knowledge due to THEIR OWN EGO!

If Moon or Venus becomes Atmakarak or Atmakarak is conjoined with Venus or Moon in Navamsa chart, this shows luxurious nature and sexual weakness/indulgences/ as a lack of spirituality, knowledge and guidance

If the same happens with Budha, greed is a big obstacle. Shani in the same place, or Atmakarak conjoined Shani in navamsa chart, shows mere laziness and overconfidence.

Nodes in the same places are master of confusions and mistakes, while Guru is Atmakarak is absolutely the worst position since there will always be a lack of bonding between the student and teacher, and a person will be insincere in relationship with Guru and knowledge, and consider himself his own master.

Malefics as atmakaraka are better for speedier evolution, since the punishment is quick, while unless Ista Devata is favourable in the chart, malefic as atmakarak can lead a person astry.

Working of the Mind

Since Manas is the primary charioteer in the field of Karma, its working should be seen in 10th house of Karma.

My Guru taught me that unbroken sarpa Yoga (only malefic planets in Kendra) give person a nature of snake, which is confirmed by Parashara. A person will have uncontrolled and unprincipled sexuality, peevish nature, bad thoughts, decision and will do a lot of bad karma. Of course there are varieties. For example, if Mangal is conjoined Rahu in Taurus or Libra and influences 2nd house from arudha lagna, paka lagna or lagna, a person is of loose morals, particularly if these two planets are involved in Sarpa Yoga. In this way every individual combinations should carefully be noticed.

Malefic  planets in 10th house apart from certain blessings (Mangal, Surja or Ketu where digbala strength is seen), apart from it always tend to remove intelligence in taking certain directions of karma. If the lord of 10th house is at the same time malefic or afflicted by malefic planets then it becomes worse, since a person never corrects mistakes or bad doings and persists in evil. This particularly happens if the same 10th lord is placed in Kendra involved in unbroken Sarpa Yoga:

  1. In Lagna-intelligence fails due to status or self recognition
  2. In 4th house intelligence fails due to impurity and bad consciousness/low mind awareness
  3. In 7th house intelligence fails due to desire
  4. In 10th house, that means in own sign. Situation is better, yet benefic influence is desirable

That is the reason why all classical texts praise benefic influencing 10th house and kendras.

To be continued.

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