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Varga Charts

Today many astrologer strictly focus on Rashi Chart, and Navamsa Chart, totally ignoring the Shodasa Varga analyses, which holds key in many cases such as twins, and others who have the same Rashi chart, and lead completely different lives. Both classical texts as well as tradition teach that for Karma and profession one should focus Dashamsa varga or division of a sign into ten parts.

All varga charts show our special types of environment where the forces of destiny control us, while the Rashi chart shows our reaction to such forces. A person can have many talents and learns or masters some subjects both for the sake of learning, as well as for the sake of rising the quality of one’s life. However, we do not make career of all subject we learn. In order to fulfill our karma we need the following things;

  1. Working (karma) environment
  2. Right knowledge
  3. Right inspiration

These three factors become crucial in understanding the karma of the native, choice of career and job. Before jumping into analyses of Dashamsa as many people superficially do by comparing the 6th or 7th houses and their trines, there are so many factors which should be analyzed.

Generally people do two types of karmas or shift in between them. One is the karma or job which is self oriented, while another is karma or job which is duty bound or includes and focuses the benefit of others. Sometimes,  a person can choose one path and during the life transform into another or vice verse.

Another type of division is the choice of the job which comes due to various factors

  1. Right inspiration which includes going towards the right direction
  2. Right knowledge which is based on ability to master that subject
  3. Choice coming from the soul level, which will include the job we love, or the job we want money from

Before we can even step into the analyses of Dashamsa chart we should understand the following:

  1. Whether the person will do self oriented karma or not, and whether any kind of transformation is required particularly having in mind the dasa running
  2. What kind of knowledge or subject is available to become person’s job. For example, somebody may want to become a doctor, yet it is neither in his destiny to become so, nor he can have knowledge to perform that job. In such cases, are there any tools in tradition to make his/her dream come true?
  3. What are the means to master the skill we need for performing the job
  4. What are the working forces or karmic forces operating in Dasamsa and how we react to it?
  5. Does the chart favours self employment or service, and in such cases what are details about each choice?

Before analyzing Dashamsa chart independently, one must set a stage and be ready to cope with all previous points and questions. Once these have become clear, one can easily understand all details about a person’s job and career. IF these steps are not followed nor understood, a person cannot give a precise answer about a person’s job, nor career details, which is today unfortunately very often the case. Today you will see that astrologers simply see the larger number of planets in either 6th or 7th house in Dasamsa to determine the choice of service/business, or simply look at 2.6. 10 houses in Dasamsa to determine the career/job. This inevitably leads to guesses without correct and complete knowledge, as well as superficial advices given by astrologers.

Here is the chart of a famous astrologer and a Jyotish Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath

7th august 1963, 21h 15 min,  Sambalpur , Orrissa, Dashamsa Lagna je Meena.

In  his chart, very high ideals and dharma or duty bound nature is pronounced, while high emotions and ideals are seen from Lagnesha Guru in exaltation. Budha dasa coming forces him  transform towards self oriented career, while best job suited for him comes from exalted Guru, blessing of Tara Mahavidya, which gives excellent teachers of Vedanga. Since Guru is in karka Rashi, this knowledge comes from the study with teacher.  Other blessings come from Ketu , Chandra and budha in simha and dhanu rashi respectively, which indicate that he has complete skills in jyotish (ketu), Chandra (people’s mind, social) and Budha (writing). Since Chandra is in arta trikona, this certainly indicates that he would work in service for at least some period in life.

Whenever is Chandra strongly placed in Artha trikona a person has to serve for some time. The same holds true for business or self imployment if Chandra is in Kama trikona. If Chandra is in Moksa trikona, self imployment is preffered, while in Dharma trikona, service is preferred.  Budha is also very strong in 10th house in dhanu rashi giving him abilities in writing and work as a writer, particularly since budha rules 7th house of business. The budha mahadasha came and switch took over from service to business and writing.  Shani could not keep him in service being in 3rd house. Budha in 10th house gives the blessing of Brahmanaspati while Rahu in 12th house gives the blessing of Ganesha, and cannot obstruct the teaching of Vedanga being in the 12th house in own sign. Otherwise, it would have indicated his own mistakes and inabilities as well as secret enemies which will from time to time show their teeth. Surya is neecha in the chart, in the 8th house, and any sort of leadership gives a lot of troubles, as well as governmental administration, though it is beautifully placed for support of service and its stuff. Therefore, we can clearly say that planet which is exalted and blessed by Tara as per the standard rules determined profession of a person, and that is teacher of Jyotisha. For any teaching of Vedanga, Guru must be superiorly placed in Dashamsa chart. It is interesting to note that a native took mechanical engineering ruled by Mangal, which has digbala from 10th house, however is in Marana Karaka Stana from Lagna. Though Mangal is 2nd lord and as such indicates that a person is loner at work, not aspiring to work groups, and can bless a native with good finance(mangal is in kanya), doing a job of a planet in debility or marana karaka stana is never recommendable nor long lasting unless there are other nullifying factors. Though debility can bring a lot of money, a person needs to do certain remedial measures to make the effect long lasting, and to be blessed by the knowledge of that planet. This person teaches Jyotish (blessing of Guru), writes book (blessing of Budha in dhanu in 10th house), and has knowledge of Jyotish (blessing of ketu in simha rashi). Chandra in simha rashi also gives him ability to understand people’s minds and good social approach and understanding. This is all what makes him a superior in the field. Incidently, the sign in Lagna rising, has no planet and is pisces which is the best suited signs for Astrologers.

To be continued…

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