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Om Namah Shivaya,

Today, many people confuse the term spiritualty with those who take interest in phylosophy and even do mantras/meditation and new age techniques. This is far from being spiritual, since even Raksasas practiced Jyotish and did sadhanas for their personal goals.  Sprituality is obvious in human behaviour where a person should be decent, honest, truthful and have all the qualities of heart and mind where all scriptures agree. This should be a good ground to plant a seed for spiritual progress and I will give you a few hints as how to see this in the chart.Some people even talk about moksa and high level of consciousness and realization which if you are a good jyotishi can make you laugh and be sad due to the human ignorance. Unfortunatelly, today, a new trand has emerged where people are jumping to worship Istadevata blindly without fate,based on the advice given by astrologers. This can naver have high spiritual impact and is wrong advice, since one has to have a good chart and good karma to reach the level of Ista Devata, and second, this is the last stage in the worship or spiritual sadhana. So, in most cases it is waste of time, or hitting OFF the real problem

Before dreaming of advising Ista devata sadhana, or some serious spriritual worship an astrologer should check the following

1. Examine Moksa Trikonas/ Each malefik is highly unwelcome in these houses, including malefic signs without benefic planets. Each malefic will show nija dosha coming through the time of present, past and future, and first has to be PACIFIED and removed from HEART AND HEAD.

2. Normally malefics in 4th house and Lagna show a very bad person, who is untruthful, and can never be spiritual. This is clear poison in the head and poision in the heart. A person is not even a good person, not to talk about the term spiritual.

3. Examine the 12th house. Malefic and tamasic graha in 12th house (except Ketu) will take a person in lower loka after death, which proves that he will be judged by his actions which obviously shows that a person will or has performed very bad karma in this lifetime. Shani, Mangal and Rahu can put the person go to hell, narkas, unless they are debilitated and unless the 12th lord is in own sign or exalted, as is the case of Swami Vivekananda. In other cases, a person will surely go to narka. Devaguru Brihaspati ALONE can prevent this, but he cannot be cursed, combast and under the papa or malefic infleunces. Do not be surprised to see this combination in the charts of people who try to spread the aura of spiritual and knowledgeble ones. What I am stating here is based and supported by all classical texts and knowledge of the tradition. Keep in mind that Shukra and Chandra are good planets to be there, provided one cherishes compassion and purity. Budha is also good there without malefics. Surja, though in Marana karaka stana, is good, as well as Guru and Ketu which are best. Therefore, the first remedial measure is to PREVENT BAD INFLEUNCES ON THESE THREE HOUSES, as well as to change fully, internally and outwardly, otherwise, real spirituality cannot be achived for a long, long time.

Generally, before a person goes to Vishnu/ Sarvavjapakeshvar Devata/and attain the world of devas, heading towards Moksa through the Ista Devata. One must first go to Shiva, and realize ShivoHum. For that Karaka lagna or Atmakaraka placement in the Rashi Chart should be fully cleared from Malefic infleunces. The ahamkar has to be destroyed and this is seen from Karaka Lagna. Various bandanas are shown there which prevents a soul from Self-Realization and illumination, and still this is the step which has to be taken before God- Realisation.

Karaka for Spirituality is Ketu. A lot will depend with Ketu associations in Rashi and Navamsa. If ketu is POLLUTED by certain grahas, all your sadhanas are motivated by personal goals and enjoyment and will not leave a spiritual mark but lead to material achivements.

There are many other points to judge in Rashi chart before we move into Navamsa and other divisions.

To be continued...


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