Jan 12

Points about chart reading


Today there are many people who want to read the chart, yet they stumble on huge blocks in reaching the correct results. One of the main problems lies in the following:

1. Available literature mostly gives ready made karakatvas of planets and houses and astrologers blindly accept them without understanding the real cause or clue. Why is some meaing attached to one house, not another? Why is some meaning attached to some planet not another? The reason should be understood in proper phylosophy, adequate Guru and correct understanding of Vedas and Jyotisha classics such as Parashara and Jaimini

2. The principles are mostly known, yet there are huge misunderstandings which normally cannot give correct results. Just to mention one of them is Karaka Bhava Nasha, where people will interpret Guru in the 5th house as giving bad effects for children, which is apsurd. Karaka Bhava Nasha has the other meaning, different alltogether.

3. Unless correct understanding of houses, planets and other basic tools is there, one cannot step into divisional charts and other advanced tools of Vedanga Jyotisha. For example, how many of you would put a quality and expression of speech and articulation of knowledge into Simha rashi and 5th bhava. Would you associate long hair with Mina rashi, or curse of Vishnu with Dhanu Rashi. How many of you would put a white blood cells into a 2nd bhava or ability to wake up into 8th bhava? Did you know that Rahu if exalted as dispositor of Chandra would give noble and happy thoughts leading to pure and noble actions? Did you know that  afflicted  10th bhava can give a terrible lack of faith and failure, and a person never keeping their promises?

Normally, if we associate wrong significations to houses, planets and signs, we will not be able to correctly interpret a chart. If we on the other hand try to take effects of planets in houses from classical texts, we will again fall into a pit, since these effects are strictly underlined with VERY SPECIFIC principles, which have to be applied and using which, these effects will be 100% correct.

I have read and baught almost all avaliable literature on Jyotish in english langauge, yet most of them list these basic principles with let us say 50% of accuracy. There are also many web pages on vedic astrology in english, and now in serbian/croation websites, which you should handle carefully. Read the texts and try to apply the principles, and if they work apply them. If they do not work, my simple advice is to discard it. Unfortunatelly, many of such sites offer their own theories, and completelly useless and wrong information. I have read so many stupid things on jyotish such as that Sy and Ketu yuti is bad, or in example charts where Guru was severelly afflicted (cursed), these people extolled and praised its good infleunce. It might have been their own chart or ignorance, be that as it may, it is a fully wrong karma done on jyotish.

2nd problem

This problems comes into a picture when we have to idenfity the result within a house. Which to take? A house, House lord or Karaka? If you say that Rahu is in 7th house, does it mean that partner is suspicous, or we are suspicious, or do we see the partner from 7th house, or its lord or Karaka? What are the differences? Will we see the ability to have many children from benefic infleunces on the 5th house, or should we examine the position of 5th lord? Or what about Guru as a karaka?

Even these principles are never clearly explained, and many lovers of Jyotisha are still confused about it. Then what happens if these effects are contradictory? Let us say> Malefics are in 5th house, but 5th lord is exalted  and Guru is well placed? Does it mean that person will not have children, or children will be there and they will trouble person. Or will a person trouble children, or will children lives be troublesome? How can you understand these differences without properly knowing each segment?

Then, with all these grey areas in a rasi chart, where people are not able to properly understand what is what in the Rasi chart, we have various other Lagnas such as Chandra, Surya, Arudha, Vishesha etc. We should be able to understand them all and make a fairly accurate picture and prediction from Rasi chart. Even without understanding basic concepts, people tend to immediately jump to Varga charts, particularly navamsa. Then there are so many concepts of Navamsa, many of them self-invented or heard somewhere from somebody, which is absurd. Then even good astrologers fail to correct their own navamsa, which is too high price to pay when certain bad things happen, and they had no idea that these would happen. I have witnessed these many times. Today in the modern world, with mixture of various systems of astrology and modern astrology with a little traits of Vedic astrology, self-invented rules, it is very difficult to analyse the chart and reach correct events.

Therefore, this sounds discouraging. What is left is a need to deeply understand the chart and its couses, and to find a Guru who can give you the answers. Today, my Jyotish Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath and myself have threaded impossible task to clear up and set up the proper foundation and build it up within Deva Guru Brihaspati Centre and its branch in SIVA for slavic speaking people. The main purpose of this blog will be to work on this as well..

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