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Kala Sarpa and Kalamrta Yogas


It is a common knowledge that Kalasarpa and Kalamrita Yogas are formed when all planets are found in between the nodes. Whenever Rahu is on the lead, kalasarpa yoga is formed while Ketu on the lead forms Kalamrita Yoga. Kalasarpa yoga gives direction of bhoga while kalamrita yoga gives direction towards moksha marga. There are many various aspects about these two yogas, such as timing, effects etc, however the purpose of this article is to spill out some secret meanings of this yoga which cannot be find on any websites or books, and which I have been taught by the grace of my Guru.

Kalasarpa Yoga depends on the strength of Surya and Guru. It depends on the strength of Shiva or male energy.

Kalamrita Yoga depends on the strength of Chandra and Shukra. It depends on the strength of Shakti or female energy.

The usual teachings of this Yogas where one (Kalasarpa) leads a person towards Bhoga Marga, while another (kalamrita) leads a person towards moksha Marga has various others hidden meanings. For example, In case of Kalasarapa Yoga, If Surya and Guru break the Yoga or become strong in Lagna or 7th house (satya peetha) a person will become very spiritual due to the blessing of Shiva. Therefore, strength of these four grahas will finalize the direction of Yoga. On the other hand if Chandra, Shukra and Rahu are found in trines to Navamsa Lagna or are placed in Arudha Lagna or its trines,  bhoga Marga will become predominant and Shakti will becoma stronger. This will hold true particularly if at the same time Surya Guru and Ketu are placed in 12th house from Lagna  or Arudha Lagna. Therefore it is very wrong just to see these two yogas and pronounce the effect without taking into account some additional and modifying rules.

The next step lies to analyze the rashi where Rahu or Ketu are placed in Kalasarpa and Kalamrita Yogas respectivelly. This rashi is the seat of Maya Peetha, or the seat of our illusion where a person beleives that this rashi is akin to their lagna. This illusion can be overcome only by two Gurus/Brahmins: Guru and Shukra. This rashi is a throne, a head, and such throne is occupied either by Rahu in Kalasarpa and Ketu in Kalamrita Yoga. When the nodes sit on the throne, normally the lights will be destroyed, based on the Vara chakra principle.

The next principle is to examine two Devatas who play important part in 33 devas. These are Indra and Prajapati. THe prajapati is the most powerful Devata in this Yoga (axisLagna and 7th bhava), while Indra has limited power. These two devatas can break the Yogas.

Apart from these two Devatas, there are two other Devis who hold the keys in these two Yogas. These are Ugratara and Kamalatmika.

The typical syndrom of these two Yogas are suffering or early death of father (Kalasarpa) or mother (Kalamrita) which is the sign of bad luck and Yoga strongly functioning.

The next step is to break the Yoga. Mantras work easily when Yoga is naturally broken. However, in cases where no breakage exists Yoga is difficult to break. In such cases the position of Chandra in the chart holds key. IF Guru or Shukra are in badhak stan to each other, the special puja with rose sphatik should be done (Neela Saraswati), fruits and banannas and 3 rose flowers must be offered. Otherwise Yoga cannot be broken due to badhaka dosha.

Apart from many specific points about the yoga, the main point about the yoga is to actually decide whether it is Kala Sarpa or Kala mrta yoga. Though there are standard rules to determine the Yoga, Parasara teaches very specific rule as how to see what is the ultimate result of the yoga. He also gives remedies as per the leading planet:

1. If Rahu leads the life Path, you may be born as a prince or with all benefits of the material world, yet would later on reform and take a bad path (see position of Budha)

2. If Ketu leads the life Path, you may have a life like a sage Valmiki- start a life as a robber or bad person and later on turn into a sage

To be continued

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