Aug 13

In the last five years many people from abroad have inquired about the possibility of learning jyotish with me. I have not been doing so due to my focus on slavic region where I reside. I started reconsidering the option of sharing my knowledge with those who do not live in this region. Therefore, this course came as a result.

„Brushing up“Course in Jyotisha

Today many people have studied vedic astrology, and are still studying. There are many schools on the market each one claiming their own techniques and knowledge.Why then a need for this course?

Many astrologers and learners suffer from undigested learning and prediction „constipation“. Therefore, inspite of solid learning and studies, there are difficulties to give correct and precise prediction. This is standard phase in life of a student, where a lot of practice and shap shot rules and guidance is required.

This course targets:

1.Advanced and middle level students, who wish to work more with charts

2.Those who failed to comprehend the subte basic principles and still stuggle with proper understanding of Rashi chart and vargas

3. If you have gone through many courses and leg in understanding and prediction, still feel that there is not clear understanind and ability to predict,and understand the charts.

In addition, in future, my plan is to develop 3 major courses for english speaking people.

1.Basic course of understanind Rashi chart

2.Understanding vargas

3.Understanding dashas

Very soon, I will be posting details and curriculum for the course. In case you have any questions or interest please contact me at:


To be continued soon.