Nov 10

Standard Reading

This is short and concise reading, where I can focus within 45 minutes on 3 basic or major questions/areas of your life. In this type of reading I will not be going into details about life of your kids, spouse, siblings, parents. Mostly this type of reading concerns YOU and your life as well as current issues in your life. If you take interest in detailed reading concerning your children, spouse, parents and other people from your life, kindly refer to detailed reading below. PLease, note that I will not read their charts separatelly, but with my training from my Guru, I can give you detailed analyses of their life through your own chart. Detailed reading actually can save up both money and time, since you will not have to schedule reading for each child or a parent, but everything can be done through one reading.In case you wish standard reading concerning you only, the price is 108 euro, and I will need 45 minutes with you.

Detailed reading

This is a standard reading which can be done by Phone or Skype or as arranged. This covers in depth analysis of your  chart with various  yogas and drawbacks. This will include Panchanga analysis and remedial measures will also be covered as a part of this reading. Clients can ask questions and clarifications of their doubts. Rectification of Varga Charts will  be part of this reading. The use of many traditional tools and experience of over 17000 birth charts will answer all your questions and leave no doubt. Not only that I will explain matters from your own life, but I will also give details about your spouse, partners, children (each child), parents etc, without a need for their birthdate or birthcharts.

Reading Time: from 1h -1 hour  15 minutes and price is 160 euros
For Returning Clients: 45 min-1hour: € 108 euros

There are many benefits from the readings, where you can get and ask technically about anything and everything, in practically all walks and fields of life, and not only your life, but life of your partners, children, parents etc.

I have made only one day a week available for foreign readings, and have decided to give these readings quite recently. So there may be possibility, that you will have to wait your turn for a reading. Commonly, readings are done on mondays afternoon. We can consider the other day, under special circumstances

What are the steps to have readings with me?

1.Download your reading form in pdf form

or  download your reading form in Word 2007  here

2.Fill in the form and send it back to me on the following mail: ahimsans21@gmail.com to schedule a reading.

3.Inside the form you will find payment instruction, which you are kindly requested to follow